Lectures / Panels

These sessions only occur once:

  •   Legal-ease 101: Get answers to all your legal questions: Copyright, Trademark, Sampling, Contracts, Distribution, Royalties, and more. Entertainment Attorney Travis Life will take questions from the audience.
  • Endorsements : Can you handle the truth?:  Dennis Mollan, Founder of Pro Tone Pedals will cover the mysterious world of artist endorsement deals and talk about why nobody talks about them.
  •   Why I will never book your band (and other things promoters hate) with Elle Quintana: Talent buyers tell it like it is. In this no bull-shit breakout session, they will unleash years of pent up promoter angst and in doing so help your band get booked at the right venue, on the right night, for the right price.
  • Email Marketing with Jenn Downs: Join Jenn Downs, head of MailChimp’s Usability Lab, as she guides you through a crash course on how to effectively use email marketing to reach your fans.  
  •   Kickstarter 101 with Martin Atkins: Having successfully crowdfunded his third book, Martin lifts the curtain to show the nuts and bolts of his 150% funded campaign and after his recent experiences speaking on the New Music Seminar crowdfunding panel he’ll also look at Pledge Music, Rocket Hub and Indie Go Go. 
  •    Interactive Media with Gary Kuzminksi: One half of JaGoFF, an artist, activist, musician & media collaboration with Detroit artist, MOFO, Gary will show, through example, how SEO, interactive media, and guerrilla marketing can make a real difference for your band and brand.
  •   Social Media Mindset with Martin Atkins: Not just the platforms and some how to, but the whys and the overall mindset you need to thrash socials ass.
  •   Zero Dollar Marketing with Martin Atkins: Anyone can spend an imaginary budget and promote an event. How do you do it with nothing and how do you make a profit doing it?
  •   Iphonography with Michael Britt: Unlock the creative potential of your iPhone by mastering apps like Hipstamatic and make your photos stand out by using add on lenses and other accessories.  Whether you shoot backstage, on the tour bus or use it for artistic portraiture, iPhoneography is a great way to connect with your fans.  There’s  an immediacy in using visual social media that can’t be matched by traditional PR.
    Michael Britt will share his creative techniques and help you find your vision in the sea of iPhone apps, filters and hardware.  You don’t have to limit your iPhoneography to available light.  Pro lighting techniques with small portable LEDs will also be demonstrated.
    “I use my iPhone as a creative tool to accomplish digitally the same  photographic processes that I used to apply to my analog film photography.”
    Students will learn to maximize image capture that will enable them to make up to 30″x30″ prints.
    “Most people don’t realize that an 8 megapixel file is pretty decent size to print.  My first digital SLR was only 3 megapixels and I shot billboards with it!”
    Learn to take amazing images with your iPhone that are unique to your vision.
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