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Two days of amazing information with face to face meetings and lectures, hands on screenprinting and mastering sessions, tequila!, a shirt, music, movies!, scorpion shots!, books, and more.

Weekend registration includes an early, exclusive e-copy of Martin's new book, Band:Smart (not yet available to the general public), a complimentary 6-month Broadjam Film/TV membership, breakfast, lunch, and snacks both days, and refreshments at after parties.

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Saturday August 10 (morning)



Welcome Breakfast / Registration Check-in

Pick up your badge and sign up for your break-out sessions. Enjoy warm bagels, muffins, and donuts, fresh fruit, hot coffee, and juice as you meet your “partners in crime” for the next two days


Welcome to the Music Industry – You’re Fucked with Martin Atkins

One of Martin’s most popular lectures, this talk looks at the general state of, errrr, everything – trends, formats, social media, and what’s really important.


Diversify Your Skillset with Martin Atkins

For the serious careerist you have to diversify your skillset to get the gigs you want – inside the studio or outside in the horrible real world. Martin will also touch on some real world studio tips.


The 7-11 Panel

It’s not a panel and has nothing to do with 7-11.

Each AMAZING speaker gets 11 minutes – that’s it! Is it easy? Well, for you, yes! But for our speakers many of them spend way longer on their 11 minutes than they might on a 60 minute speech. Abraham Lincoln once apologized to a friend for a letter “not being shorter.” It takes time to focus in, drilll down and communicate something in such a short period of time. And, if for some odd reason you find a speaker uninteresting, it’s only less than 11 minutes until the next incredible speaker.

For this weekend, imagine the balls we had to ask these terrific speakers to contribute (and then let them know they only have 11 minutes):

Gary Kuzminski (JaGoFF), Lance Curran (Threadless), Greg Kot (Chicago Tribune Music Critic), Gabe McDonough (Leo Burnett), Jim & Jen Remsik (event planners), Elle Quintana (Reggie’s), and Stephen Harm (The Warehouse).

Speaker Lineup
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Wendy Day
Wendy Day

Founder of Rap Coalition

Wendy Day is responsible for the careers of multi-platinum artist Eminem and Master P

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Martin Atkins
Martin Atkins

Author, Educator

Martin Atkns’ three decades in the music business spans across genres, borders and industries. Having experience in nearly every aspect of record production, promotion, and playing with and in a variety of bands including Public Image Limited

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Gary Kuzminski

Co-founder of JaGoFF

Gary Kuzminski co-founded JaGoFF, home to Guerrilla Art, Music, Activism & Multi Media.

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Greg Kot
Greg Kot

Author, Chicago Tribune Columnist, Sound Opinions Host

Since 1990, Kot has been the music critic at the Chicago Tribune

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Kris Myers
Kris Myers

Umphrey's McGee, Drummer

Kris Meyers is the drummer for Chicago-based progressive rock band, Umphrey’s McGee.

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